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Life Insurance

Protecting your family

Life insurance, annuities, long term care and disability income protection are all products you will rely on many years into the future. Stability is the most important factor to consider when entrusting your future with a life insurance company.

Life Coverage Options

Life Insurance


Long Term Care

One of life's rewards for working hard and saving for a rainy day is achieving financial security.  One of life's realities, however, is the possibility of premature death, leaving financial responsibilities for the loved ones left behind. Deferred Annuities offer a distinct advantage over typical saving programs. They can offer you an income stream you cannot outlive in retirement, and interest earnings accumulate tax deferred. C&O Insurance will  provide for your retirement needs with a deferred annuity program backed by a Safe. Sound. Secure investment portfolio. Long Term Care is the care you receive when you cannot take care of yourself because of a physical or cognitive impairment. This care is usually provided either in your home, an assisted living facility, or a nursing home.

Disability Insurance
People work hard to afford what they enjoy in life and to pay their continuing expenses such as food, clothing, shelter, utilities, insurance premiums and entertainment. Their ability to earn an income is their most valuable asset. If that ability is interrupted because of an accident or sickness, they may find it difficult to maintain their standard of living and impossible to plan for the future, such as Medicare and Medicaid provide limited protection.



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