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So many times as insurance agents we hear “why do I pay this much for car insurance, when so and so pays less?” This may be true but there are several things that need to be looked at when comparing auto insurance.

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Typical Coverage Types (PLPD)


Liability insurance covers the damages caused by your vehicle, whether bodily injury or property damage. The amount of coverage varies by policy and by the kind of damages covered. We recommend that a customer carries at least 100,000/300,000 for bodily injury on their auto policy and 100,000 for property damage.

Uninsured/ Underinsured Motorist

Although the state of Michigan requires all vehicles driven have minimum bodily injury coverage, this minimum coverage might not be enough to pay for damages that other drivers inflict on you. Or the other driver may be driving illegally with no insurance. This portion of your policy pays for damages to you that were inflicted by an uninsured or under-insured driver.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

This covers injuries sustained by you in an accident. PIP coverage will be either:

  1. Excess- The auto insurance company will pay for any excess medical expenses that your health insurance company would not pay for.

  2. Full- If you do not have health insurance, you will need full PIP coverage. The auto insurance would pay for all medical expenses resulting from the accident.

MEDICARE AND MEDICAID DO NOT COVER MEDICAL EXPENSES RESULTING FROM AN AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT. If you have Medicare or Medicaid, you need full PIP coverage on your auto policy.

Optional Coverages

Collision Insurance

This coverage pays for damages to your vehicle from another vehicle or damage to your vehicle done by yourself. For example: You slide off the road and hit a guard-rail with your new car. Collision covers for those damages. There are several types of Collision. Be sure to ask us the difference when getting a quote.

Comprehensive Insurance

Also know as “Other than Collision”, Comprehensive includes such things as: Fire, Theft of the vehicle, Vandalism, Glass Breakage, Falling objects, and the big one in Michigan: Car-Deer Accidents.

**Comprehensive and Collision are optional however, if you have a Loan or a Lease for your automobile, your lender will require you to carry both on your policy.

6 Things that will affect your auto insurance rates

  1. Your Driving Record- Tickets and at-fault accidents will cost you.

  2. Where you live and how much you drive- Big city drivers can expect to pay more that drivers in rural areas. Also how much you drive the vehicle on average.

  3. What you drive - Cost symbols help determine the rate. Safety of the vehicle and value of the vehicle are the major factors.

  4. Your age and gender- Younger drivers and male drivers are considered more of a risk by the auto insurance industry.

  5. Insurance / Credit Score- All insurance use some form of credit scoring to help determine the rates. Better credit scores will get bigger discounts on the premiums.

  6. Household Members- If other people are on the policy with you, their driving record, credit history, age and gender can affect the premiums you pay.

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